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Elevator & Crane Units for a Safe, Convenient, and Efficient Worksite

Your workers have a hard enough job as it is. You don’t need to make their lives more difficult – and reduce workplace efficiency – by requiring them to go up and down multiple flights of stairs whenever they have to use the lavatory.

Potty Shacks specializes in accommodating the restroom needs of all construction crews and building maintenance professionals. That is why we offer elevator units, which are portable toilets that are modified for transport via both freight elevator and crane. When you place our portable toilets wherever your workers most need them, you won’t just benefit from your workers’ greater morale, you’ll save on actual costs as they do their jobs faster!

Our elevator units are tested and extremely secure, so you don’t have to worry about a costly malfunction while they’re going up to their location (or worse – returning from their location). And as with all of the portable toilets we regularly provide to construction sites throughout Minnesota and North Dakota, our units are power washed and disinfected in between deliveries and regularly cleaned and emptied while they’re on site. Weekly, biweekly, or daily – we’ll return to maintain your worksite’s essential portable toilets as often as you specify!

Any great foreman knows that a productive construction site must be run efficiently. You invest countless hours and immeasurable effort into keeping your projects on time and on budget, so you appreciate any tool at your disposal for increasing jobsite productivity.

That is why you need Potty Shack’s crane units. We regularly secure our portable toilets within rugged steel cages, which enables a crane operator to quickly place them on any floors of a construction project where they are most needed. This prevents workers from taking needless steps to visit the lavatory, which will ultimately shave several hours of collective manpower off of any large-scale construction project.

Our commitment to reliable and clean service does not end once our portable toilets are placed high up off the ground. When you engage Potty Shacks, you can count on the punctual delivery of however many portable toilets your construction project calls for. We will also return regularly to clean and empty our portable toilets as needed, and we pressure wash our portable toilets in between rentals to guarantee the most sanitary conditions for our users. We additionally offer portable hand washing and sanitation stations for even greater comfort and safety.

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