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Septic Tank Pumping Service

The outcome of not regularly pumping your septic tank is not pretty – and trust us, that is an understatement.

Regular use causes sludge to accumulate at the bottom of a septic tank, and it cannot break down quickly enough to keep the tank clean. Failure to pump the septic tank eventually causes clogging of the drain field pipe, which can lead to a foul smell emanating from the yard, the formation of swampy areas, and backup of sewage into the house. Fixing a backed up septic tank can cost several thousands of dollars – not to mention cause indescribable inconvenience.

But there’s never a need to have to deal with such a hardship! Our portable toilet rental service means we also have the equipment and the know-how you need to avert disaster.

Our powerful truck-mounted pumping equipment will quickly empty your tank of sludge, solids, and other debris that ultimately would have caused blockage. Once we have pumped and cleaned your septic tank, we will haul its former contents away for environmentally friendly disposal.
Most homeowners need our septic tank pumping service every three to five years. If you can’t remember the last time you received this indispensable service, then you’d better give us a call today!

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